Janika Hakulinen is going through a gender reassignment process.

The bondage session ends with a long hug by the anonymous Sonja and the binding studio owner Riku Särkkä. Moreenimedia 2020
Rauno Harju has worked at Tammelan Hovi years ago, but still goes there every day to drink a cup of coffee. Moreenimedia 2020

Beauty salon Halla's beautician Milla Pynnönen plucks Saila Hirvonen's eyebrows. Länsi-Savo 2021

Tapio Metsola and Marika Jääskeläinen take a break from dancing at Rönni's lavatanssit. Aamulehti 2020

Actor Turkka Mastomäki at his home stage at the Pyynikki's Summer Theatre. Aamulehti 2020

Defence Minister Antti Kaikkonen visited Mikkeli. Länsi-Savo 2021

Paulina Ahokas, Meri-Maija Sameskki, Lauri Lyly and Jaakko Stenhäll heard that Tampere was able to continue in the 2026 European Capital of Culture selection process. Aamulehti 2020

Emma Sarpola's first day of school in grade 4C. Aamulehti 2020

In the shore of Rahola, waste pipes are submerged, which runs from Pirkkala to Haika at the bottom of Pyhäjärvi. Aamulehti 2020

Many young men in Greenland Sisimiut become fishermen following in the footsteps of their fathers. Malik, Konrad and the youngest Salik have been partners for 5 years now. Greenland 2022

If Ronald didn’t follow tight roles at home, his father would burn his armpits or punish him in some other way. Denmark 2022

Spectators watched the St Michel trots final despite the storm. Länsi-Savo 2021

In Seurasaari Helsinki a wildlife photographer Ossi Saarinen lures birds for pictures. Moreenimedia 2019

Ilkka Raukola catches crabs in Orivesi Vesijärvi. Aamulehti 2020


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