When spending money makes you anxious

Annukka wakes up in the morning and puts the clean dishes back to the cabinet. The dishwasher is turned on at night because electricity is cheapest then. The breakfast smoothie can be drinked from yesterday's glass. Detergent isn't wasted.

She doesn't make morning coffee because she can get order it quickly from the coffee shop at the train station. The biggest cup. Dark roast with cream. This is how she get the all profit out of her coffee pass.

Thoughts get dark when a friend can't finish his student lunch. Do she dare to eat the leftover bread when your friend goes to the bathroom?

She goes home through the grocery store. Avocados are finally on sale. Now she can replace the bathroom floor drain cover. The previous one was replaced three months ago.

Red on the lips and tights on. Dancing in the nightclub is half free. She can't buy new clothes. The holes and rips don't bother her. She can put two pairs of tights on top of each other.

"You don't collect bottles from the street while wearing high heels." This is the only rule and a good start towards healing. Still she can't always resist temptation.

Helsinki, Finland 2023


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